9 February, 2017
9 February, 2017


Advanced Design for High Speed Defect Cut-off Operations!

Designed and engineered for high speed cut-off operations, this newly designed KUANG YUNG CFS-300 SEMI-Optimizing Cut-off Saw allows you to perform defect cutting easily, efficiently and accurately. Its extra-high feed speed of 80 M/min. assures a considerable increase for cut-off output. Fast workpiece feed is achieved through a pushing bar driven by a high torque servomotor. Various cutting modes are available to choose from and a user-friendly controller is employed. For profitable cut-off operations, KUANG YUNG CFS-300 is your best choice.
  • High cutting accuracy up to +/- 0.2 mm. No second machining is required.
  • Comprehensive safety guards for maximum operator protection.
  • The control employs a touch screen for easy learning and operation.
  • Ideal for furniture factories and material preparation in small lots for flexible cutting requirements.
  • Suitable for high accuracy cutting for extra short materials.
  • Also ideal for cutting non-square materials, such as four-sided, molded products and cylindrical products.

Touch Screen
The controller employs a touch screen for easy learning and operations.
High Torque Servomotor
Specially designed servomotor is suitable for pushing big workpieces and also ensures fast and accurate motions.
Pushing Bar
The workpiece to be cut is fed by a pushing bar driven by servomotor – for high positioning accuracy. The feed mechanism moves on precision linear motion guides.
Infeed Side Pressure Roller
The infeed side pressure roller holds workpieces firmly during cutting.
Outfeed Pressure Roller
The outfeed pressure roller provides added smoothness for workpiece outfeed.
Mark Sensor (Optional)
Can cut off marked sections of workpieces.
  • Fixed length cutting mode.
  • Sequential cutting mode.
    10 sets of cutting sizes memory (for sequential cutting mode only).
  • Marking lines cutting mode.
  • Marking lines cutting mode, fixed length cutting mode (A) and cutting finger jointing size without lost (A+X)
  • A combination of marking line cutting and fixed length cutting. Single line sensing for marking line cutting. Double line sensing for fixed length cutting.
  • This function can do the following jobs simultaneously:
    a. Defect.
    b. Cut the longest size(Axn).
Model CFS-300
Saw motor 10 HP
Saw spindle speed (50 HZ) 3,300 r.p.m.
Saw spindle speed (60 HZ) 3,200 r.p.m.
Pushing bar motor 1 kw (2 kw on request)
Feed speed Variable to 80 M/min
Circular saw diameter Ø455 mm (18″)
Saw spindle diameter 30 mm
Cutting size See the diagram of cutting range
Positioning accuracy of the pushing bar ±0.2 mm
Choice of max. wood lengths: 2.4 M., 3.4 M., 4.4 M., 5.4 M., and 6.4 M.
*We reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications without prior notice.

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